Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium 2016 Opening

opening stage for Digital Marketing Symposium 2016

2016年10月5日開催、Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium 2016のオープニング映像を含む、映像演出を制作いたしました。
We’ve done this opening stage for Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium 2016, held on 5th October, 2016.
INTRO: Animated by Yuki Sogabe
Adobe held big marketing event at huge conference room of ANA Inter Continental on 10th, October.
While people seating large white room moves gently at the front of the space with nice ambient music by Luis Isaac
After seating, the white room transform into digital world with music (courtesy of Pawel). 
And then these data turns into human body.
HUMAN EXPERIENCE PART: Designed and Animated by Satoru Kaneko
He creates this gorgeous human experience part of the film.
Choreograph and Motion Capture have done by GETS and Kobako Capture Studio in Kagurazaka
OUTRO: Animated by Yuki Sogabe, Designed by Tatsuro Ogata
Finally these data turns stripes of the human.
Lead CG Designer: Yuki Sogabe
CG Designer (Customer Experience Part): Satoru Kaneko (
Choreographer, Dancer: Masa a.k.a. GETS (
Character Model Setup: Kosuke Sato
Motion Graphics Animator: Yuki Matsuoka
Director: Tatsuro Ogata

Music Composer:
Pawel (Boomopera)
Luis Isaac (Octopusic)
Motion Capture Studio: Kobako

Event Management, Production Client: ZEO Corporation
Client: Adobe Systems Japan
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