For IAA 2015, Audi displayed bold exhibition architecture showcasing four key themes of the brand, Sport, quattro, Audi Technologies, and Audi ultra in a stand-alone brand space.
Audi constructed a temporary building encompassing a 320 ft tunnel that leads to the exhibition room with nearly 7500 sq ft of LED surface. At the center of the building is an oversized compass. As soon as the compass turns to one of the four cardinal directions, the entire media display of the exhibit switches between the four thematic worlds of Audi. A physical automobile is on display and is installed on each LED screen with a motor allowing the vehicle to rotate 360 degrees in any directions.
ZOAR was asked to create the LED film content, form a 3d stereoscopic film in the tunnel to the main films in the exhibition room, and orchestrate the movement of the vehicles. The films uniquely link the virtual and physical world by synchronizing the movement of the vehicle, wheel speed, and the digital content.

We've done Technologies Part of the this extraordinary Audi booth.
40K LED Screens and holographic stereoscopic display.
PRODUCTION: Zoar (Cody Redmer, Ji Yun Ha)
Art Direction: Takayuki Sato
CG Direction: Tatsuro Ogata
Takayuki Sato, Tatsuro Ogata, Kosuke Sato, Takuma Miyamoto, Taiyo Yamamoto
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